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2023 aapl presenter guidelines

The AAPL continually strives to maintain the high quality of its conference programs. The following guidelines are provided to speakers at AAPL conferences to assure the most effective presentations, the greatest benefit to both the speakers and the audience, and to enhance the efficiency and quality of The AAPL Annual Conference.

Presentation Format

Speakers are urged to be mindful and respectful of the assigned time frame assigned to his or her presentation. Speakers should plan to rehearse their presentations in advance to assure they effectively and efficiently cover the desired material in the time allotted. A moderator will be present during the presentation to alert you when you are approaching the 5, and 2-minutes time remaining, and session times will be strictly enforced throughout the program.  All presentations submitted must be original works of the presenter(s).

  • Each slide should be readable from the back of the meeting room. Slides consisting of extensive text should be avoided to the maximum extent possible. In most cases, any single slide should contain 15 or fewer words. Instead, speakers are encouraged to use the "notes" feature in PowerPoint to provide details that are verbally communicated.

  • Presentations shall be provided to the AAPL staff via email OneDrive Upload it can be loaded on a computer for effective and efficient projection to the audience.

  • Speakers should avoid the use of copyrighted materials in presentations, unless prior permission is granted, or the copyright is assigned to or authorized for use by your company.

  • The AAPL will distribute all session presentations during the conference in the form of a Virtual Briefcase. If there is proprietary information that cannot be included, we can work with you to post an alternate version.

  • It is AAPL custom to post all presentations on the AAPL web site for members’ future reference.  Speakers are requested to agree with this policy and make their presentation available to the AAPL staff for this purpose.  

  • Our guests are looking forward to your participation in the program. In the rare case an urgent matter interferes with your commitment please understand that you are responsible for finding a suitable replacement. Should this situation arise it is important that we know as soon as possible.

Please contact Barbara Hamschin at AAPL Headquarters at
571-402-2275 or with questions
about the Speaker Guidelines.

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