2020/2021 Committees and Chairs

Membership Committee

Sara Miller
Membership Committee Co-Chair

Annie Pankiewicz
Membership Committee Co-Chair

Purpose of the Committee:

  • Define and communicate benefits of membership, appropriate individuals and retain the membership of AAPL
  • Help to identify areas of growth for AAPL membership
  • Act as a resource for other committees of AAPL for membership issues or ideas
  • Abide by or make recommendations for amendments to the AAPL By-Laws


      • Actively participate in the monthly conference calls
      • Provide input and feedback on requests from the Board and the Management Company
      • Provide insight and experience to be used to recruit additional members
      • Provide oversight for the Liaison Connect Program
      • Define touch points for growth and maintenance of membership

Liaison Connect Program 

Sarah Latorre
Liaison Connect Chairperson

Purpose of Committee: 

      • Supports professional growth and knowledge by connecting AAPL members through a mentoring program
      • Dynamic way for our colleagues to interact and support one other outside of the annual conference
      • Match mentors, defined as those who have served continuously as a liaison or a combined total, over time, of 5 years, with mentees who may be seeking support and perspectives from a peer liaison


      • Identify Mentors and Mentees to be paired by region, specialty, or special interest.
      • Pair mentor/mentee by email to exchange contact info and set up "intro meeting" via phone 
      • Track 90 Day period to determine "good fit" starts immediately upon intro email 
      • Support mentor/mentee to maintain a minimum contact of one official phone call/quarter.  More if both agree and of course, informal email touches as needed

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Education Committee

Matt Hughes
Education Committee Chairperson

Purpose of Committee:

      • Provide oversight for the Program Planning and Webinar committees
      • Maintain quality programming for continued education and best practices for AAPL membership


      • Assist with identification of new forums or platforms for liaison education
      • Assist with appointment of speakers and workshops to Program Planning or Webinar Committee

Program Planning Committee

Loren Van Ostrand
Program Planning Committee Co-Chair

Bonnie Little
Program Planning Committee Co-Chair

Purpose of Committee:

      • Assists with plans for the Annual Conference and Regional Meetings
      • Assists with plans of other program activities for the conference, such as networking events and after hour activities


      • Actively participate in regular conference calls
      • Assist in recruiting speakers
      • Provide support to Annual Conference and Regional Meetings as needed

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Webinar Committee

Monica Aunan
Webinar Committee Chairperson

Purpose of Committee: 

      • Provide leadership for the AAPL webinar series
      • As a group and in collaboration with the Program Planning Committee, develop proposed topics and speakers for the webinar series for the upcoming year
      • Assist, if necessary, in contacting one speaker
      • Analyze feedback from webinar surveys and propose modifications to the webinar series
      • Potentially introduce one of the webinar topics

Communications Committee

Gabe Flores
Communications Committee Chair

Purpose of Committee: 

      • Help serve, maintain and grow our social media communities (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) by encouraging participation and sharing relevant and timely Physician Liaison related information
      • These social media channels serve as a critical on-line meeting place between our face to face conferences where people can collaborate, build professional relations and serve as an entry point for potential AAPL members


      • Actively participate in monthly calls
      • Post/share relevant and timely Physician Liaison content during assign time and beyond, manage new member requests

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Resource Development Committee

Tom Anderson
Resource Development Committee Chairperson

Purpose of Committee: 

      • Create a library of resource documents for use by physician liaisons at all professional levels and at all types of facilities.  These documents will assist in communication with physicians and providers as well as facility leadership 


      • Actively participate in monthly conference calls 
      • Assist in identifying potential resources by networking with AAPL colleagues and reviewing suggested ideas procured through surveys or from the website 
      • Assist in editing resources and abiding by a mutually-agreed upon deadline for the assignments 

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