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[Sponsored On Demand Webinar] "Data-Driven Strategies for Growth" Webinar with John Muir Health

  • 28 Nov 2022
  • 29 Apr 2023




"Data-Driven Strategies for Growth" Webinar with John Muir Health

Inspiring provider behavior change can be a challenge - especially when there are gaps in data or your insights are not transparent.

Watch this on-demand webinar  with Paul Deeringer, SVP of Strategy & Emerging Business at John Muir Health (JMH), and Jean Drouin, MD, CEO of Clarify Health, to learn how making data-driven decisions can yield stronger returns on strategic planning and business development programs.

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 to learn how JMH was able to:

  • Turn up the dial on provider engagement through trusted insights
  • Explore provider referral patterns at a micro-level
  • Drive smarter, higher-value referrals through their physicians
  • Understand market trends and out-of-network opportunities

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