AAPL 2021 Virtual Annual Conference Agenda

  Thursday, June 17

Thursday, June 17, 2021
Please Note: All session times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time.
*Agenda Subject to Change

11:00 am-11:30 am

Speed Networking with Peers
Meet one-on-one in this fast paced networking session to meet other attendees before we go live!

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Opening Keynote
Physician Leadership in Times of Crisis and Transition
Gerald E. Harmon, MD, President, American Medical Association 

AMA President Gerald Harmon, MD, a family medicine specialist from rural South Carolina, will talk about lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and how they should be applied to address systemic challenges in health care for physicians, health care personnel and the public. He will highlight the work of the AMA over the past year to support physicians, including through the advancement of telehealth, and discuss how national trends shape the AMA’s advocacy priorities for the post-COVID health system that will emerge.

12:30 pm - 12:45 pm

Engage with Our Sponsor Partners

12:45 pm - 1:45 pm

Breakout Sessions

It's Not About "Us" It's About "Them!" Learning from Historical Interaction With Us to Help Create a Better Today for our Referring Providers.
Susan Teshack, Physician Outreach Liaison, Nebraska Medicine

Bridging the gap between a minimally-referring provider and your service line/hospital by listening, finding out historic details of issues and pain points, and asking for transparent feedback are keys to solving the puzzle of working on solutions and offering service that truly is just that: service. 

Finding out why provider offices send their patients to a particular place is also vital to uncovering service gaps that can be communicated on and repaired.

Focusing on why we are different and networking appropriate physician leadership builds trust and credibility.

Referring Provider Alignment: How a Global Pandemic was a Catalyst for Stronger Engagement, New Strategies & Changed Behavior
Lauren Galloway Coates, Children's Hospital Colorado
Stacy Fox, Children's Hospital Colorado

Learning Objectives:
  • Strategies to position your hospital as an invaluable, relevant and resourceful partner to referring providers in a dynamic, evolving marketplace
  • Approaches to keeping your hospital leaders engaged and present to offer impactful clinical education and hospital updates to community providers during a pandemic and beyond
  • How to leverage the pandemic as a demarcation in time to demonstrate ROI and referring provider alignment

With support from hospital leadership, Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Physician Relations team was encouraged to get creative (virtually) during COVID-19. Our team pioneered the COVID-19 Provider Virtual Town Hall on “prime time” Thursday nights averaging 500 community providers tuning in. Requests flood in for continuance of this broadcast with other relevant topics (post-COVID). Our CME offerings moved to a trackable, virtual platform allowing many of our top, renowned pediatric experts the time and ease to reach a broad audience. Plans to continue with this momentum gained in the virtual space are supported by data tracking substantial increases in participation/reach. Continued data analysis tracking shifts in loyalty and market share as a result of these efforts are key to leadership support. We produced 28 COVID-19 focused Charting Pediatrics Podcasts, a now-internationally known weekly educational podcast that has been downloaded more than 390K times with listeners in 156 countries.

Is It Time for a Liaison Program Refresh?
Matthew Hughes, AAPL President-Elect, Director of Growth and Physician Relations
Nationwide Children's Hospital

1:45 pm - 2:00 pm

Engage with Sponsor Partners

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm 

Plenary Session 
Share Care Model and Other Outreach Strategies
Joyce W. Wald, DO, FACC, Professor of Clinical Medicine, Associate Medical Director of Mechanical Circulatory Support
Director, Practice Development Heart Failure, Transplant and MCS Programs, University of Pennsylvania

Michele Slater, Senior Physician Liaison, Penn Medicine Heart and Vascular

It is all about relationships and staying connected to our Referring Physicians! Dr. Wald has been using a Shared Care Model for 14 years with 4 key referring partners.  The new virtual world has allowed additional opportunity and expansion with other practices. Dr. Wald and Michele Slater will discuss how they work as a team to promote Penn Medicine Heart and Vascular Programs and Physicians through Shared Care. Emphasis on the importance of constantly reinventing ways to stay current and interesting while providing value.

2:45 pm - 3:45 pm

Closing Keynote
Three Ingredients to a Successful Pivot! 
Andrea Butcher, President - Talent Strategist - Executive Coach
HRD Advisory Group

We are living and leading in a fantastic time in history. We have the opportunity to plot a future that is unlike our past, for where there is disruption, there is opportunity. Over the last year, we have all been pushed out of our comfort zone and have seen the value of the pivot. 

In this uplifting and interactive presentation, Andrea Butcher, President of HRD and host of the leadership podcast Being [at Work], will share three ingredients for a successful pivot. What can leaders do to stay in front of changes and maximize the possibilities? That is the question we will explore together.

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