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Healthgrades enables health systems to drive enterprise growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention. Partnering with healthcare's leading intelligent engagement platform and the #1 site where Americans find a provider, hospitals ease patient access, improve network utilization, and drive high-value service line cases. Our services accelerate intelligent engagement throughout the patient journey using actionable insights to deliver measurable clinical and financial outcomes.

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The key to success in modern healthcare is having the right data to make the right decision. Whether you need a deeper understanding of your customers, the ability to identify new opportunities or to drive greater operating efficiencies, your ability to leverage data is vital to confident decision-making and competitive advantage. The experts at IQVIA Healthcare Solutions integrate unmatched data, advanced analytics, and innovative technology to power better decision-making for transformational health outcomes and improved business results.

We provide end-to-end consulting and integration solutions for the healthcare market to ensure you have the data, analytics, and technology you need for true competitive advantage.

With over 50 years of healthcare experience, and active partnerships with many of the largest payers, providers and associations in the US, IQVIA Healthcare Solutions is a vital partner for healthcare organizations looking to take their business performance to the next level.

The healthcare experts at IQVIA Healthcare Solutions power better decision-making for transformational results.

Marketware’s Physician Strategy Suite includes a PRM platform combining provider profiles and business intelligence in support of provider outreach and relationship development. Marketware’s physician referral analytics use claims data to identify patient pipelines that are poised for growth, while healthcare analytics evaluate the strength of a physician’s referral base and identify connections both in and out of network. Marketware’s platform supports physician recruitment and onboarding efforts to help source, qualify, and retain the best providers.

Tiller-Hewitt works with healthcare organizations, leaders and physicians to consistently deliver strategic growth and measurable results through our focused scope of services. We help organizations both define AND execute strategies for service line and physician practice growth, business development, professional physician liaison training, and physician engagement and retention. We guarantee results and deliver the greatest value as a trusted member of the team.

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In today’s climate, physician relationships are absolutely essential for hospitals and health systems. Who better than the liaison team to create those relationships, earn referrals and provide the voice of the physician for our internal stakeholders!

Barlow/McCarthy, the leading physician relations consulting firm, partners with you to: assess, train, track, build and enhance your physician relations program. We’ll help you grow your business in a measurable way and help your valuable talent grow their skills.

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