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2022-2023 Board nominations

Serving on the AAPL Board of Directors is a rewarding experience and will not only enrich your resume but will help you grow as a leader and as a team member. You will build valuable networks and broaden your connections with AAPL colleagues across the country. The time commitment amounts to a minimum of one board conference call and one committee conference call per month.

If you are an AAPL member and interested in serving on the AAPL Board of Directors, we hope you will nominate yourself. You may also nominate a qualified colleague. Please complete the nomination form.  Board job descriptions and detailed submission instructions are on the form.  

AAPL Board Nomination Form Online

If you have trouble accessing the online form, below is a link to a form that you may complete and e-mail to

AAPL Board Nomination Form  


  • March Call for Nominations
  • April Review Nominations/Contact Nominees
  • May Voting by Membership

Identification of Nominations Committee Members

The Nominating Committee, chaired by the Past President, shall consist of at least two members not holding an Officer position on the Board, and who shall have been members for at least one year. The committee shall consist of not less than three members, including the Chair.  Duties of the Nominating Committee are defined by corresponding Association policy.

Call for Nominations

The AAPL Membership shall receive an official Call for Nominations to either self-nominate or nominate their peers for a position on the AAPL Board of Directors.  The Call shall consist of nomination form and will remain open for 3 weeks. 


The Nomination Committee will vet proposed candidates by:

  • Reviewing the nomination form to determine:
    • Self-nomination or nomination by peer
    • Identification of which position each nominee has checked
    • Review of the State and Facility of each nominee to determine if there are any conflicts with the current Board or other Board nominees to ensure the Bylaws are followed
    • Verification that a headshot and 200-word maximum bio was submitted with the nomination form
  • Contacting each nominee to confirm they accept the nomination (for those nominated by a peer). Be prepared to provide a job description for the board position for which they were nominated.
  • Committee shall collectively create a Slate of Candidates for the current Board of Directors once each nominee has been fully reviewed, accepted the nomination, and cleared the vetting process, and has met the criteria of attending at least two AAPL educational events.
  • Slate of Nominees will be presented to the Board of Directors for the May Board Meeting (2nd Monday of the month). Board to approve the slate.


The Slate of Candidates will be announced to all AAPL members through email with an attachment to their biographical/personal statements mid-May.  Candidate statements will also be posted on the AAPL website.

An electronic survey will be delivered to all AAPL members in good standing who are eligible to vote. This survey will list all open board positions and candidates in alphabetical order per position. The survey shall indicate:

  • When a candidate is running unopposed
  • Number of candidates per position for which a member may vote (for example, Please Vote for Two Directors)
  • Voting deadline, which shall be one month after the stated date for the election

President Elect: (3-year term; automatically rises to President and the Past President)
The President-Elect shall fulfill the duties of the President at the request of the President or in the absence or inability of the President to act.  When so acting, he or she shall have the powers of the President. This officer will subsequently serve the following 2 years as President and the Past President. Prior AAPL Board of Director experience is required for this position. Eligibility for this position requires a minimum of 2-4 years active AAPL Board Participation.

Secretary: (2-year term)
Treasurer shall oversee all the Association’s bank accounts and monetary repositories and work closely with the Executive Director and management company to ensure compliance to all financial policies and procedures which have been established for the Association.

At-Large Directors: (2-year term) 
[3] At-Large Director positions will serve on the AAPL Board. They are responsible for participating in all board meetings and association activities. It is understood that chairing a minimum of [1] committee is a responsibility of this position.

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