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Meet Our Keynote Speaker

Tina Graziotto

Certified Master Trainer and Corporate Solutions Specialist

AAPL is excited to offer our members and attendees a unique opportunity to experience how one man's belief in the power of self-improvement has transformed into a philosophy that connects proven solutions with real world challenges while bringing out the best in people.

Ms. Graziotto has over 30 years of industry experiece and a 30-year affiliation with Dale Carnegie. She will kick off the 2018 Annual AAPL Conference with the Keynote adress.

The Dale Carnegie Approach to Being a Valued Business Partner

The strongest partnerships are based on trust. Business relationships must go beyond trust and provide value for the time invested. During this presentation, Tina will cover:

    • Distinguishing yourself as a valued partner
    • How to build greater trust with your stakeholders
    • Understanding the importance of elevating the dialog
    • The role of re-positioning yourself and your organization


Attracting & Engaging Doctors

To optimize your ability to create a valued business partner relationship with the community doctors, you will need them to see you acting the role. In this session, you will learn how to:

    • Elevate the dialog from tactical to strategic
    • Uncover pain points that affect the other party
    • Ask questions to uncover how to be of more value
    • Understand their emotional and logical motives to take action


Designing & Communicating Your Personal Brand

We all have a personal brand - it helps us build trust, influence others, and form connections with people. Ultimately, it can shape how the world perceives us and the value people believe we can provide. In this session, you will learn how to:

    • Re-position yourself, your department or your team to be viewed as a valuable resource and partner to the business
    • create a personal branding statement
    • what your personal brand says to your community

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