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COVID has drastically changed the landscape of healthcare, leading to decreased clinical interactions and unprecedented revenue losses for America’s hospitals and health systems. Marketers like you are more important than ever in helping organizations, and the industry as a whole, recover by strategically reengaging patients in all types of care, from preventive appointments to telehealth visits and rebooking elective surgeries, even as the pandemic persists.

Join Welltok CRM expert Kellie Spellman as she interviews healthcare marketing “superwoman”
Jean Hitchcock from Hitchcock Marketing & Communications as they dive into why the healthcare marketer’s watershed moment is now.

Session Objectives Include: 

  1. How healthcare marketers can help reduce losses and drive volume for their organization
  2. What tools you need to execute data-driven outreach, including the right questions to ask when implementing a proper CRM system
  3. Why marketers can’t afford to miss their shot when addressing a safe patient experience and what we really mean when we say “patient journey”

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The pandemic has put the entire healthcare system to the test, but it has not stopped Reid Health from continuing to deliver extraordinary onboarding, navigation and mentorship programs which is critical to retention. We’ll explore the creative and successful adaptations to traditional onboarding that infuse the process with high energy, camaraderie, and fun. The speakers will share the value of refusing to settle for the “new normal” and – instead – are creating a new “better” for providers.

Session Objectives Include:

  1. Describe how virtual value stream mapping sessions can engage dozens of stakeholders in identifying and executing on hundreds of action items required to streamline the onboarding process

  2. Demonstrate how to super-charge virtual mentorship matching and training

  3. Identify the steps required to position new physicians and APPs for rapid ramp-up in their practices, despite unavoidable disruption

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The role of strategic outreach has never been so mission-critical for organizations of all sizes. Then why is it that we must continuously prove our value? This webinar will help you demonstrate value by keeping yourself and your program focused on consistently delivering strategic growth and measurable results.

Session Objectives Include: 

  1. Walk through a Strategic Outreach Program assessment checklist
  2. Learn how to convert your current program into a gold standard program focused on strategic growth and measurable results
  3. Demonstrating value by using consistent tools and techniques

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